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Medieval and Tudor Musicians

12th-13th century Trouvere song

'Con Voi La Fleur Nouvele.'

Gemshorn and Gothic Harp

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15th Century Fanfare

'Dy trumpet'

Two shawms and tabor

14th Century Spanish Pilgrim's Dance

'Stella Splendens'

Hudy gurdy, Bagpipes & Shawm

16th century Drinking Song

'Quand Je Bois Du Vin Clairet'

Voice, Bagpipes, Cittern, Shawm, Drum

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Belicha 14th century Italian Dance played on Hurdy Gurdy and Darabouk.

Fool and Bear Dance, Hudy Gurdy, Bagpipes and Percussion.

Bear costume by Wendy Froud

Dancers: Ricardo Barros & William Todd-Jones

Devil Dance, played on Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes and percussion. Masks by Katy Marchant.

Dancers: Ricardo Barros & William Todd-Jones.

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La Volta 16th century dance

Pipe and Tabor, Cittern, Shawm

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