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Medieval and Tudor Musicians

Film Soundtracks and Appearances

Sir Lanval a film by Elizabeth Jane Baldry featuring musicians and dancers of Daughters of Elvin (sister group to Caliban's Dream) including late and sadly missed Mike Edwards RIP

This short film captures the Late Shift Extra: The Elizabethans Undressed event which took place at the National Portrait Gallery on Friday 25 October 2013.

Late Shift is in partnership with FTI Consulting.

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Music performed by:

Caliban's Dream (Katy Marchant and Steve Tyler)

The Medieval Combat Society is a 14th Century Re-enactment society based around King Edward the III of England and the Hundred Year War. We depict foot combat tournaments, medieval dancing, archery and displays of living history and education.

Music by:

Caliban's Dream

Video by

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